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Office of Victims of Crimes -Offers assistance to Victims

"The Office for Victims of Crime, a part of the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, seeks to enhance victims’ rights and services for all victims across the United States. The Office for Victims of Crime offers a wealth of resources for the crime victims field, including publications, training and technical assistance, funding opportunities, and more."

REPOST": “Right to privacy” observed under the Washington Constitution Originally published >9/28/21 12:15 PM

White supremacy is now on Homeland Security's list of terrorist threats September 20, 2019 repost-

From -The New York Times- U.S. to Accuse Google of Protecting Illegal Monopoly repost

Facebook content moderators break NDAs to expose shocking working conditions Repost from 6/19/2019

Facebook Allowed Some Tech Companies To Read And Delete Users’ Private Messages: NYT

Mark Zuckerberg leveraged Facebook user data to fight rivals and help friends, leaked documents show -REPOST

An active-duty Marine was investigated by the FBI for plotting to assassinate Black people and DNC employees, according to a report

House committee unveils bipartisan Big Tech antitrust agenda

Senate passes bill to aid directed-energy attack victims

A Black woman says she was racially harassed for years. Police acted only after her story went viral.

White supremacy is top security threat, Garland says

Arrested, then traumatized: Black people on what comes after police encounters

White House acknowledges mysterious health attacks occurred in US, reviewing intel on incidents

CDC declares racism a serious public health threat

Statement by the Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Leading a Coordinated Civil Rights Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

PROVE THEM ALL WRONG - The Most Inspiring Speeches from Successful Peopl...

’We cannot let white supremacy continue to spoil the bunch’: Maloney holds hearing on FBI report of extremists and law enforcement

Boeing's 'Culture Of Concealment' Led To 737 Max Crashes, Congressional Report Says

Report raises new questions about structural integrity of Boeing 787 Dreamliner

A Primer to Big Tech’s Antitrust Hearing: They’re (Almost) All Guilty