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Peace is something we give , not take .

 There are some who take great pleasure in the abuse misuse and exploitation of another's rights or if another's body , and or boundaries . 

I can not recall any other time but this where I have been completely Vexed from the misconduct of others towards my right to be left alone and not picked and pawed at like I am some type of  experiment that they are watching and making predictions as to what my next move will be - 

The property where I currently  reside is in total disarray ! Yet there are large groups of men who have been given the task of trying to make it appear as if they are in fact working on repairing the property . It's completely unacceptable -and when I  post about it publicly all I get is more stalking of the only one with enough guts to expose the truth. 

Since when did telling the truth take a back seat to those who are doing that which is being exposed ?  I mean come on folks , let's try and look at the entire matter of the complaint  

I have had very vengeful acts done repeatedly to me since this one person in particular has been on  a high-horse and has taken me as someone whom they could exploit - I guess feeling like it's acceptable to mistreat the elderly to go the extra mile to makeup fake reports i trying to somehow gain a better position in life from preying on the elderly and the vulnerable in this community . 

And ,I have some bad news for this person. Your low level - assaults on my character . I can read , and see right through . You are in the mindset of trying to make me appear as off balance as you yourself obviously actually are . after all who intentionally comes to a property to cause the  most elderly disabled tenants  to suffer hardships and be forced to live at a level that is clearly below any acceptable level of accommodations . These people have lost their grip on what is the proper way to treat one another. Thinking that illegally watching people in what is supposed to be the privacy of their own bedroom bathroom (even them using the toilet ) and recording them as they bath and then turning the illegally attained recordings over to who ever they feel can either find fault in whatever it is that they illegally recorded without the consent of the targeted individuals .Now I don't know about you ,but last I checked it is completely illegal to record another person in the privacy of their own bed /bathroom . Period . 

I do not care what type of defense you try and make, if They do not give you consent to record them you are the one who is in fact breaking the law ! 

It is a crime to exploit another person for your own profit especially to the degree that you have been doing here where I should be able to expect a certain amount of privacy which is in my bed , my bedroom and the bathroom  if it were legal to do all of these invasions  against others Everyone would be doing it right ? Like ,I would have that same right to come to where you enjoy your own privacy and completely invade your space by watching gawking and recording each and every thing that you do right ?   

And as a woman who has made a good name for herself and has tried to the best of my abilities to treat others with respect .

 I find your acts  so offensive that I think  it's only fair to turn the tables around and expose you while you are in the act of violating me , be careful where you go because you too  might find yourself vexed and looking as if your rights are under attack because they just very well might be . 

Side note the negative bad energy that can be felt is the same energy that had been allowed to come stand over my apartment and perform witchcraft on me and my family of course without our consent , because who would ever actually agree to letting a person who practices this evil act come and try to cause harm damage and mischief in their solitude ? I know that I have never  ever practiced dark demonic anything on anyone why would I as I have always walked in the slight believing that by doing good and  trying to spread some cheer in my community that same good cheer would be returned right ? That was until I move here where They prey on you instead of praying fir you !  This too shall be brought to an end as I am calling for all good people to stand up against the dark evil doings of the devil and refuse to go along with their evil plots against those who are here to lead others out of the darkness , it gets hard trying to do it all alone and I know that with all of your help we can turn around what the enemy has attempted to make seem an acceptable way of treating others   

I believe that if each of us tries to make  others lives better our own lives will also begin to improve ! 

Have a great day/weekend /Life  

Peace is something that we give to ourselves and also share with others πŸ™πŸΎπŸ₯°πŸŒž


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