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"The Office for Victims of Crime, a part of the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, seeks to enhance victims’ rights and services for all victims across the United States. The Office for Victims of Crime offers a wealth of resources for the crime victims field, including publications, training and technical assistance, funding opportunities, and more."

Notice of tort claim for damages

 Note there is a lack of respect being displayed in my housing complex by a group of hired mischief makers . They have managed to drag out what should have been a short repair time into a  6 Month  + job that for some even includes lodging ! Where do they get away with this type  of operation ? Right here in Seattle where they bend break and reclassify the law and rules every day ! This property is supposed to be a 55+ complex with many being on disability however they misuse there access to us elderly tenants  and hack into our internet our emails , our USPS mail boxes or even pay to gain access to mail that is intended  for some senior tenant they have been illegally profiting off of the abuse and misuse of what they call power but what is actually considered assess to keys and a willingness to act as if its not going on when its obvious that it truly is going on , just today they shadowed me in my apartment slamming  down a chair directly over my head wherever I would stand   - this is not an acceptable way to treat those who are already at risk and the brazen , bully-like manner in which its being orchestrated makes me believe that its also very much racially motivated and a retaliatory action due to me calling it out for what it is ! It has to be brought to light when there is a  overt consorted effort to intentionally target and then come to where a person should be able  to have peace and rest yet can not do so because an organized group feels that there is nothing that as a disabled elderly black women  that I could possibly do to stop all if them - We shall see about that !  and if this property is using the elderly tenants EIN numbers as a tax break then tgat right there is a violation because you used what you required from us to sign the lease and then did not give us a safe secure non- hostile living environment no matter how often we have had to report it or complain about it in an attempt to be able to fully enjoy our living space - =tax fraud ? cuz you never gave  us what you were supposed to for the use of our federal tax credit use , in fact your actions amount to hate crimes charges , if you really want to put it all out on the table you have done way too much to intentionally sow not only discord among a community but you got great joy out of doing so ! Shame on you !  And  never forget if you're illegally recording people (without their prior written consent ) not only is it illegal but anything recorded is irrelevant because you broke a law to try and harm a protected class and the violence against women act states that you are NOT allowed to re victimize a person who has is a witness and a victim already  - what you are doing is showing all of the damages from your abuse towards that person .what a  Damn shame  it should be to you if you actually had any true common sense or any sense of humanity . You are all under Judgement and have been found guilty by the devine counsel of the spiritual realm may you cease and repent before your lives are completely  dismantled  just  as you sought to do to others may it be swiftly returned right back to its deceitful sender  , enjoy and have a great rest of your day -  - The lord will not be mocked blocked or made into a something that you can use as a weapon to take out anyone who has the courage and strength to speak out against all of you again I just say "shame on you "    



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