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"The Office for Victims of Crime, a part of the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, seeks to enhance victims’ rights and services for all victims across the United States. The Office for Victims of Crime offers a wealth of resources for the crime victims field, including publications, training and technical assistance, funding opportunities, and more."

 My life has never been easy ,No matter  How hard it was I managed to survive  and now I have an entire community attempting to keep secrets and receive bribes to coverup the illegal embezzlement of funds that were left to me but also they discriminated against me as a person who did not look like what I have been put through ,so I guess that too gave them even more reasons to come together secretly with my Ex partner and devise a plot that was so damn demonic and intentionally meant to hopefully cause me to suffer such an emotionally traumatic outburst from the sudden loss of my life partner after they bribed him to akso turn his back on me because the court system and those in authority wanted to carry out a hate crime against me yet could not get a way with it , so instead they made my now ,ex feel as if he had  power  over my life . They made it appear as if I was not worthy of respect or protection from all of the taunting , teasing , sexual assaults , sexual harassing , mental anguish , financial abuse and theft of my only form of income which placed me at the mercy of those who were part of the plot to try to smear my good reputation and get me either killed or committed after  telling connecting to others who seemed to just be waiting for the opportunity to also play a part of my demise after their own masks finally fell off and the real "karen " mentality that they had managed to conceal was no longer able to be denied , after all who would take great pride in working so diligently to cause death or at least a severe hardship to another person especially a vulnerable - some- what - shy - 61 year old disabled woman (during covid ) going as far as not just blocking my union with the man that I loved , but going as far as placing my name on a Government watch list and a "do not pay " list which prevented me from being able to gain any assistance as a business , yet they then began to claim credit for my work but also slandered my good work and my good name which was obviously profitable enough for them to see me as someone who they had to bully and tell lies about to keep me from being able to have a better quality of life or to actually  get back on my feet after losing my home and then my children following the housing crises  which was the  beginning of the hell that I  apparently looked like I had not gone through yet my body my genuine  - kind and compassionate manner sure had been put through the meat grinder of life and had sought to never allow me to gain my proper footing , knowing damn well that I was a fierce fighter and champion for the under- dog ,and fought for   those who were forced to keep their mouths  shut  and just deal with the abuses of a system that had failed to respond to the needs of the poor, the meek,the needy the widow and the fatherless children  but swore that they backed the belief of being one nation under God -yet  Who I was a witness to the fact that they had clearly failed this widow and my now fatherless children making us poor and too meek for our cries of despair to be heard by anyone who could or should have offered me a speedy remedy , and instead launched an all out aggressive attack to keep me off balance so that I would never get any relief or be able to get my home back and unify my family. And this is just a small portion of the trauma and discord that I endured  and am still enduring to the best of my ability . May I continue to fight the good fight leading  with my faith and Standing in my power ! May my relief actually find its way to me and not be illegally stolen or re routed to the enemies accounts or   their Greedy hands !  and those who treated me as a science experiment and used weapons aimed at  my head to cause me pain  and loss of my peace even as I write this   post ! I rebuke you devils who hover and cause mental and emotional distress ! I am calling for protection against these unwarranted assaults and prayer for my survival as I await a remedy so I can relocate to a safer place to reside - so far its been 20 + years  but has been in high gear fir the past   5 years and I have had more than  any widow should ever have had to endure  yet here I am  .  Thank you most high God for  never giving up on me ! My faith in you is what has kept me alive . respectfully M A "Stay at home moms changing lives "  



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