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"The Office for Victims of Crime, a part of the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, seeks to enhance victims’ rights and services for all victims across the United States. The Office for Victims of Crime offers a wealth of resources for the crime victims field, including publications, training and technical assistance, funding opportunities, and more."

Stay humble stay blessed

When it comes to being humble ✔️ I'm already there.  When it comes to being the best that I can be ,at least to my best ability at this time being that there are some who are all over things and assets  that are actually supposed to have been given to me long time ago - yet their own greed, envy and overall feeling as if they somehow have the  right to make a claim to something that they know was not even meant for them , but being that it WAS, as they found-out, was meant for me - which I guess they figured that since I had been given so little all of my life , that I  would not miss what I never had? 

I say this because we live in a world where there are those who are considered to be the "haves" and then there are the  "have-nots" which actually is an assessment of the amount of things one has in this life - I have never been the type to splurge on material things and I am not one to flaunt or boast about any of the things that I may have been given or have actually worked hard to acquire - So when I am made to feel as if I have to beg others to release the funds or the gifts that they have intentionally been Withholding from me for far too long , It really gets to the point of feeling like I am being once again fooled into believing that everyone is of the same mindset that I myself live by , and that is the mindset of a good honest  person who works hard , show's respect where respect is shown and basically wants the best for others as well as wanting the best for myself .  So when I am told that the gifts and funds that I should have been able to receive when I was much younger would finally be released to me, I was overjoyed with the thought of just how many lives I could positively impact with it . I was not of the selfish mindset of shopping spree's and buying flashy new cars as that has never been who I am . And I think that there are still some who for whatever reason are still trying to uphold the arrival of what is rightfully meant to be given to me, by now trying to make it appear as if I would become some horrible spend-o-holic  who can't control the urge to buy everything that for most of my life ,I was too poor to be able to afford . 

And to that , I must say , No I would never become something that I have seen others become - which is rich in monetary value  but poor in their compassion for those who are needy or those who are forced to live far below  what is humanly considered livable , in a  society where what you wear and what car you can afford matters , especially when it really doesn't matter to me what car a person drives or how nice they dress . AS I have seen some of the ugliest people get out of nice expensive cars with diamonds and furs yet they jacked the desire to think beyond their own desires and greed and that to me is what made them ugly . I say this because I have had to wear hand-me-downs almost  all of my life , yet I never complained nor did I let it get me own as I was never the type to be envious of what someone else had on . I sure know that in all of my almost 62 years I never wanted others to suffer the way that others have aggressively wanted me to experience the pain of suffering . I also know that even though I have had survive the hardest days and nights of my life at the hands of an organized group of thieves and those who I thought of as my friends ,only to find out that they were really only foes ,I still do not want them to experience the same pains that I had to survive because I know that they do not have the same amount of protection that I have . I am now trying to wait patiently to receive the blessings that were meant for me , so that I can move to a more safe and secluded environment where I can be atleast a compassionate and loving friend to those that I will meet without letting them know that inside my heart is still trying to heal from all of the trauma , pain and the suffering that others felt that I deserved to go through only because they felt that they were held above me , only to find out that in fact they were not -  and so now they are feeling as if the only possible hardship that they can once again attempt to put me through is to try and halt the blessings that I await - Not realizing that they are not stopping me from going  on shopping spree's because I am not that type of person  but what I do need the funds for is far more personal and practical as I need these funds to help me and my family pay for our current living conditions so as  not to become homeless as so many of us are facing at this time with the price of renting so much more than our abilities to pay can even cover especially when trying to feed your family cost as much or more now than  it has ever cost . AND so when I hear about those who are worried that I would foolishly spend my new found wealth frivolously to them I say "No -  I would not as I have more pressing issues than that of trying to dress to impress others ,I am in the mindset of paying for a better place to live and being able to put good quality food on my table not a fashion -label on my back  but food that won't give us all heart attacks . And so if you could kindly move on to someone else as I have been given a mission and right now I am more focused on the work that The most high has chosen me to perform and on helping others in a positive way rather than trying to keep up with those who I probably would not even have anything to say except "What have you done for some one other than yourself with the money that you have been intentionally blocking me from receiving so that I could actually help them?

Let this be a👍🏾 time of  healing and helping and if you can not help someone atleast do not intentionally hurt them because hurting others is so played-out !

 Time to play a new song - one of joy and of living a life of purpose and of praise for the life that you have been given because  just as fast as you got it ,it can also be taken away - and   please remember to pray today ❤️ pray for the sick that they will be healed- pray for the poor that they may find hidden wealth and also help others rather than enrich the pockets of those who have nothing to give except opinions and negative assessments of gloom rather than trying to make the lives of others better than they are which is In fact a true example of power !





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