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Absolute injustice due to Envy

 So  there has been so many people that have intentionally been doing things that they had hoped would cause me to suffer or to experience illnesses that I normally don't suffer from - and now that I am aware of all of your malicious tactics perhaps it's time that you all are shown exactly what they do to demonic people that plot against the ex of the Man whom you all were involved with planning multiple things to do to cause me his wife of more than 20 years , yeah the same one that you all talk shit about , but only behind my back - because none of you have even the tiniest amount of courage to stand up against someone who you dislike and instead you  used my good name to open up accounts that you used and then let lapse in an attempt to hurt my credit score - there  were some soulless demons who were hell bent on hating me , not because I had necessarily  done anything to them but they were stuck in the mindset of comparing themselves to me while I was busy just living my life and they were obsessed with my life, my looks ( sad desperate females ) my ideas the way I cook. Etc Who really knows what makes another female become so focused on someone other than themselves. ? I know that in my almost 62 years  I have never been obsessed with causing another to suffer hardships , I guess because I do not carry that type of hate in my heart - however sadly I am aware that females with Malice for other people  especially the ex of a good looking Man whom they all secretly wanted to be his next "pick-me-"  so they of course chose to  wait until I was busy trying to fight to survive the tumor  removal from my spine and then they being the  non credible and corrupt villains that they have proven to be, decided that they would organize an entire community to come at me while I was already down from the surgery - and in case no one has ever mentioned it They also worked on getting me to experience housing instability  even though I am  in a protected class (which they ignored and acted as if They did not have to honor any safeguards  that were in place to prevent all of the years long assaults on my character on my creativity and on my gifts which is another thing that they were extremely comfortable with ranking down  - not to mention multiple poisoning attempts to put things in my food, drink condiments and even our toiletries  - they would also  connect  with coven members to come to where I resided and did witchcraft against me , even though I do not practice that dark practice that is used to inflict damages and cause intense pain and the sick thing is they had illegally placed a camera in my bedroom and bathroom  so that they could later gather around and laugh and enjoy cocktails while becoming overwhelmed with glee at the pain and emotional distress  that they were able to witness and they felt proud about their efforts and completions of these  unethical tactics meant to cause me to experience the pain and suffering that they honestly would convince themselves that I was deserving of ? simply because I had chosen a different path than the dark path that they were stuck on - one where I was being financially exploited and then slandered  so that their financial crimes would somehow be overlooked and  instead their right to destroy  my good works and my good looks we could be accepted as the proper thing to do  simply because they were  part of a  flock of bullies who felt entitled to talk shit about the same person that they were all now becoming quite financially stable from while I was being financially deprived of all my rights to receive relief And to be able to get the courts to rule in my favor instead of in  favor of those who had been illegally Depriving  me from gaining access to  what they knew were  actually my assets  ! A HOUSE A CAR A safe- deposit -box . A TRUST FUND WITH MORE THAN 45 YRS OF INTEREST  THAT WAS BEING WITHHELD AND Actually WOULD  HAVE PREVENTED ME FROM BECOMING HOMELESS DURING The Housing CRISES IN 2007-2009 When after losing my late husband to the  first case of SARS, instead of being forgiven as a widow and  an insurance policy holder I instead lost my home to fraud  and also my minor children as I had no home to house to live in I had not done anything wrong to my children at all this was not a case of my motherhood  yet they went as far as Depriving me of my maternal rights without actually in having any cause to do so and I am seeking a complete redress of grievance of my entire judicial record knowing now that if I had been given access to the WITHHELD trust fund everything else would be ever have occured as all of my injuries stem from lack of proper financial  resources and support . 

I have now  become resilient  and resistant to  these unwarranted assaults and attacks praying and standing in my faith that the most high has seen every attack and every sword that the enemy has used to inflict damages to a person who was placed here on earth to help others rather than to intentionally hurt them- this is how I would want my enemies to do unto me exactly  how I have  refrained from doing to them. @Monica,  


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