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"The Office for Victims of Crime, a part of the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, seeks to enhance victims’ rights and services for all victims across the United States. The Office for Victims of Crime offers a wealth of resources for the crime victims field, including publications, training and technical assistance, funding opportunities, and more."

the lies though, really ?

Note * This female came into our life with the intention of sowing discord in my personal life and to intentionally break up my marriage to the man who had been in my life for well over 21+years straight  we did live under the same roof - Then this trixter came along and instead of behaving like a professional like she claimed that she was , she became obsessed with being  sexually involved with my husband ,who she then began to dominate   and blackmail  then lied and tried to corral him into s fraudulent non,- enforceable  fake agreement to be her main source of income , and then began plotting against me ,(,her true and intended target of choice  )  After telling him that she was in the same line of work that I was in , but in truth she was more into stealing my files , my drafts of books, my investigations that she then claimed were her investigations , she made calls to agencies making frivolous claims about me to get me fired , and was perplexed  with  my Whistleblower work I guess feeling that if I would be awarded a large size award , it would end her plan to interrupt my life and my husband and I would have lived   happily ever after  , this is why this case was able to span almost world wide to attempt to destroy me as a healer and a light worker ( which this bad agent knew that were my actual gifts yet she had the nerve to lie and claim them as her attributes while aggressively telling my husband lies about me having no talent, being a fake and she also then went as far and making complaints of me causing her harm with black- magic witch craft ! which was and is an utter and complete lie as I have never in my life ever done witchcraft on anyone nor would I ever lower my energy to the level of hurting someone as this person who then began impersonating me in public after realizing that My life was, I guess better than her own life  ?  - This has been a  serious battle of  survival after this doppelganger lost track on reality and persuaded my own  life  partner husband and my best friend to view me as a threat and wanted to actually have me killed so that the theft of my identity my work my files and even my husband would be easy as 1-2-3  .. or so they thought ! 


 There is nothing worse than a man who can look you in the face and lie to you and actually attempt to make it look like he has not been having sex with anyone when you already know the truth and in fact you told him exactly what he was going to do before he did it  , but yet for 3 years   he  lied and hid what was going on behind my back  and expected me to want to become a FWB when I was the wife that he never even divorced before he decided to tap a new keg and start sippin from another's tainted  spout  ?  And fyi I would rather be with a Man who can be proud of his sexual desire to be selective and want for only one Woman no matter how sexy others might think he is , what really makes him sexier is the fact that many may  want him but only one Woman can have him and he knows that just like himself she too only gets down with him , her man - verses a man who when you walk into the club or bar every woman that is known to be "easy" or a "popoff"  makes their way to his table to let him know that  they're free tonight if he can get away from his old lady - and then they look and   notice me , his old lady who now knows why I stopped trusting anything that a man  ever says as having any credibility - You see the man I was with is the type to let an argument turn into a life long regret when he allows his desire to inflict pain against someone who he had 20 + straight years of pretty hot sex and an amazing creative business connection ,who would imagine it could    turn into him committing a wreckless betrayal that he should never have done simply because his desire to F@ck someone else  out of Malice so that the betrayal would be felt for the rest of my life or at least this was her plan  so  she could gloat  about how great it had been to get off while getting one over on the woman who had saved this man's life  when his heart had stopped beating just a few shorts years prior to when he linked up and   hoped that this betrayal of someone who was simply too damn sincere that their was absolutely no reason to have done what they did if not for his tiny ego  and her lie-a--betes being unable to   tell the truth about her motive to why she was so eager to  deny her involvement in causing any of the problems that she blamed on me  and when it came to being honest about the intentional planned backstabbing that they  did because  of his and her lil bruised ego's  , a betrayal like this that would make them then come up with what's turning out to be one of  the biggest false claim to  illegally allow others to cause harm to an innocent ex-life partner in history - simply because they let lust be mistaken as love  and let  both their  ego's  get out of control and cheated and committed  a sin , and instead of admitting it   they made up huge lies about  me , his ex saying that he needed to have her targeted for death becuz "she" was a threat . when in fact  knowing that he had betrayed their devine union is what he feared most because he did not want to have to pay her anything for the affair that he had a  part in and also the resulting other hostile crimes they both took a great deal of enjoyment in  committing against his now ex  and also illegally committed  in her name all due to their own inability to tell the truth to the intentional lust filled night spent together  and  can't forget the surprise 55th b-day party where she brought  2 Friends  to completely defile our devine union   the same woman whom has lied about why and who she was really wanting to cause harm to and  together they both bonded over their own new found hatred for  Me  which has lead to an open criminal investigation to why a man who claimed to be so up- right  was so easily taken out and proven to be hiding many dark secrets that he should never have acted on  and  actually expected  to be able to keep such  a secret with an open new relationship and her friends  and the dirty little secrets that made them both resort to committing  crimes just to continue with the covering up of  the affair that had already been  witnessed by God  - who did not consent at all and had shown me everything  - yet when I asked about what had taken place  I was lied  to for over 3 years !!!!! 



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