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"The Office for Victims of Crime, a part of the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, seeks to enhance victims’ rights and services for all victims across the United States. The Office for Victims of Crime offers a wealth of resources for the crime victims field, including publications, training and technical assistance, funding opportunities, and more."

Note to Law officials we have been under attack for far too long

 There is a malicious evasive and intrusive attempt to cause me (an Elderly - disabled Black Woman -and my mate a 57 yr old Black Male with a record of a severe head injury and reoccurring side effects as a result of that injury - of which others have routinely taken complete advantage of and have been doing the most to pitt the two of us against the other - which considering the fact that the two of us have a predestined- Spiritual- path that we were to be on right now , one that was meant to positively improve the lives and  uphold the honor of those who are here doing Good in their communities and all over the Earth - With this knowledge these viscous  illegal unwarranted acts have been allowed to basically run -a-muck - in our personal lives , in our private lives and in our spirituality and our attempts to get closer to the Most High God - which for all of these  bad dark actors this is a motive to intentionally come to where I should be able to expect privacy peace and be able to properly heal - yet I have been here now for 3 days and I am still having to react to a coven of witches ( who I believe actually are supposed to be working at the property but instead of cleaning and making sure that the property was in a standard living condition it has been allowed to get run down  mismanaged and tenants are being  preyed upon not   prayed for which would be the neighborly way to treat one another

 - I have personally been blocked from  receiving my mail from the USPS  , being prevented from my right to due process and blocked from court  by those committing  financial  crimes and embezzlement by posing as me in court and slandering my good name  on the court record  with false statements said so they could all manage to collect funds that were clearly meant to go to me . These thieves are so damn petty and hateful that they are completely obsessed with my looks , and do witchcraft on a Dailey bases to try and diminish my youthful looks , they have also decided to attack my creativity and my talents chanting for me to be seen as something less than the brilliant writer that I was born to become -

          They also Hate my confidence and prey for the fall of my positive way of thinking and doing things - They have made false claims and have done damage to themselves  later ,lying and blaming  it on me- all due to greed and trying to get paid from   fleecing the vulnerable elderly tenants which is elder abuse and using weapons (which is what doing witchcraft is - I do not consent to being used to  intentionally try to   inject demonic  dark entities in so that they could make it appear as if I was part of this wicked bunch of evil-doers  as I find them all to be reprehensible and a complete  conflict of interest for me and my choice to stay in the light of The Lord rather than to journey down the devils dark path which leads straight to death - No thanks -

      I know who I am and I know who I am not ! And I am definitely not a dark demonic witch like those who gather in the apartment directly above my apartment and are the biggest racist and jealous envious pathetic  Examples of a bunch of goons who can't be anything but Goons and that upsets their evil dark hearts into making them slam- shit over my head and anywhere else that I walk, stand or sit, just so they can make my living environment as hostile as possible , which is a Federal fair - housing violation !   "Silly rabbit - Tricks are for kids     M@StayatHomeMomsChangingLives   Have a blessed day and remember to positively Bless others along the Way -                                                


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